(Preventive Maintenance software)

Preventive maintenance is a program of planned maintenance activities to avoid accidents and breakdowns. Preventive maintenance's primary objective is to discourage machinery from failing before it actually occurs. It is designed to preserve and enhance the reliability of the equipment by removing damaged components until they malfunction.

Why Pre-Maint ?

  • To increase the efficiency of equipment
  • To update the facilities.
  • To decrease low equipment utilization due to unscheduled maintenance.
  • To reduce emergencies & optimize cost
  • To protect assets & prolong the useful life of production equipment
  • Identification of equipment with excessive maintenance costs.
  • To avoid fewer large scale repairs by scheduling timely, routine maintenance repair.
  • Software developed with previous experience & Feedback.
  • We will help to define Task and schedule.
  • If required we can support for P.M activity.

Features of Pre-Maint

  • Create daily, weekly, or monthly, yearly schedules depending on your preferred routine maintenance.
  • Generate daily task schedule maintenance routines based on the set timetable.
  • Reports for machine breakdown history
  • Calculation of MTTR & MTBF
  • Record the costs of Breakdown with the related activity and Spare parts.
  • Quickly view all programmed maintenance activities for specific equipment.
  • Instantly Add or delete Machine and its maintenance task data.
  • In-built checklist functionality to marked activities off as they are completed.
  • lists of all activities completed or not completed

Pre-Maint Web Application

Pre-Maint Web Application Dashboard View

Pre-Maint Web Application