Control Panel 

  • Input Output List
  • Input output wiring Diagram
  • Power Supply Wiring Diagram
  • Load Calculation
  • Selection of PLC & Software
  • Bill of Material
  • Loop Diagram
  • Logic Development
  • Developing HMI & SCADA Screens
Ellantra Automation
Control Panel
PLC | Ellantra Automation

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)



we Provide ladder logic  programming in all Platforms of Allen Bradley  PLC  along with installation and Commissioning  fullfilling  all the requirements of the customer.

Human Machine Interfacing(HMI)


Human Machine Interfacing provide a graphic base visualtization of an industrial control and monitoring system,an HMI Tpically resides in an office based windows computer that communicate with a specialized computer in the plant Such as a programmable automation Controller,Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) Or Distrubated Control System(DCS)

Scada | Ellantra Automation
Supervisory Control and Data Acquiition(SCADA)

SCADA Systems monitor a variety of plant data including flows,motor current,temperatures,water levels,voltages & Pressure.Alarms at central or remote sites triggered by any abnormal conditions are propogated to the HMI Computer for operator’s addition to alarms,important plant information such as,levels,flows,pressure will be logged in the HMI computer database for reports and trends

   Site Engineering 


  • PLC Installation
  • Hardware and software Integration
  • Program Commissioning
  • Support during emergency problems in future
Site engg | Ellantra Automation
Site Engg
Ellantra Automation
Other Services

Other Services

  • Repair of automation Products like PLC,Drives,Processors etc.
  • Antomation related trouble shooting
  • Technical Support
  • Converting Hard wired project into software
  • Software up-gradation
  • Modifying in application software for ladder and SCADA
  • Project up-gradation and execution
  • Energy Saving Projects.