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MicroLogix Controller

The MicroLogix 1000 controller offers control capabilities in an affordable,compact package,The MicroLogix 1200 provides features and options to handle extensive range of applications.The expandable MicroLogix 1500 Controller helps you achieve high-level control in a variety of applications.The MicroLLogix 1100 and 1400 controllers increase the application coverage with enhanced network communications at an affordable price.

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Compact Logix

CompactLogix programmable automation controllers offer you the benefits of the Logix control platform common programming environment,common control engine in a smaller footprint for machine level control applications.The new CompactLogix family extends these benefits into even smaller applications.The CompactLogix family controllers include the logix control engine,power supply and two of the most common I/O configurations, lowering costs and simplifying configuration.


Allen Bradley Powerflex family of drives offers a broad range of control modes to fit virtually any motor requirement. with the combination of features,options and packaging for application versatility,to helping meet safety requirements ease programming and configuration the PowerFlex family has a solution to meet your application demands. Designed to offer you a complete portfolio covering global voltage and wide range of power ratings,the Powerflex family of drives offer a common experience out of the box on the line.

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Control Logics

ControlLogix Controllers use a common control engine with a common development environment to provide high performance in an easy-to-use environment.Tight integration between the programming Software,controller and I/O modules reduce development time and cost at commissioning and during normal can perform standard and safety control in the same classic for a truly integrated system.

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Soft Starter

Allen Bradley Soft starter can be easily integrated into your intelligent motor control solution to offer higher productivity and shorter downtimes.This SMC line is also an ideal alternative to a drive where more cost effective,simple solution is required.We offer a diverse line of soft-starters to meet your communication,control and space requirements.

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Human Machine Interface(HMI)

we provied Allen Bradley HMI which offer rugged electronic interface solutions in a variety of sizes,operator input methods,memory options and configurations.These robust devices are fully packaged(hardware,software and communications) and tested for human machine interface operation.They have earned ratings for high shock,vibration and Temperature.Access your application information over a variety of communication Protocols including DeviceNet ControlNet and Ethernet/IP

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Power Supplies

we provide a wide variety of Allen Bradley Power Supply solutions.From Switched mode and industrial uninterruptible power supplies to transformers,every product is designed for reliablity and dependable operation.


Servo drive portfolio includes a wide variety of products that offer the right size and feature set to handle a broad range of applications.From single axis component drives to multi-axis modular drives,we offer solutions designed to help you simplify machine design while improving system performance. Integrated Motion drives fit seamlessly into the Logix platform for easy use and plug-and-play configurabity Network options and a choice of safety features are available.

Pepperl Fuchs - Factory Automation Sensor

pepperl + Fuchs offers you a wide range of robust and reliable products,from powerful standard components to complex sensor solutions - our product portfolio matches the requirements of virtually every application