Control Panel
Control Software / SCADA Development

* Preparation OF I/O List
* PLC SW Development
* Development Of Prototype
* Test Program Development
* Simulation Testing
* Integration Testing

Detailed Design Engineering

* Control Automation/Electrical
* Power Consumption Charts
* General & Internal Arrangement
* Consumable List
* Wiring Diagram
* Assembly Procedure
* Control Scheme
* FAT Procedure
* BOM With Specification
* SAT Procedure
* Control Room Layout

Field Services

* Commissioning
* Preventive Maintenance
* Breakdown Resolution
* Turnkey Projects
* Software Upgrades
* Retrofits
* Overseas Projects
* Upgradation of control system

Information Technology

We develop creative IT infrastructure solution and support services, as well as application and security services using both cloud and conventional technology, combined with expertise from mutual sector, technological and industry. We give you access to our experience in advanced technologies and proven practices throughout the entire IT life cycle, from customer engagement to technology deployment to service delivery..


The Internet of Things has become popular in all walks of life from households and factories to businesses. Connecting all and more, IoT makes the world smarter and stronger than ever before. That's just the beginning, though. Unlocking the full potential of the Internet of Things allows companies to consider value creation opportunities and address the underlying issues in a systematic manner.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is maintenance performed on a piece of equipment on a regular basis to reduce the likelihood of failure. It is conducted while the machinery is still functioning so that it is not suddenly breaking down.

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Custom Software Development

Stator and Rotor Notching Machine

Up-gradation Of Stator and rotor notching machine with high precision & adjustment of SPM & slots with Max-SPM Of 600

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